2020 Softball Season Cancelled due to COVID-19 Measures.
Please stay safe and keep social distance and wear a mask if possible when not able to social distance.   
Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Division I winners Enhanced Performers & the 2019 Division II winners Taquito Experience.
The league is currently in its 10th year of operations after branching off from the Parkwood Hills Softball Association in 2010.  Ottawa Coed Softball is a recreational league.  Our season begins in May and ends in September with a year-end tournament.
We play all our games Sunday evenings at the Nepean Sportsplex Ball Diamond (off Woodroffe), Trend Arlington Ball Diamond (off Greenbank) and Dumaurier Ball Diamonds (off Greenbank).  All games are officiated by umpires from the Eastern Ontario Umpires Associations (EOUA).  We keep our league small enough to have a sense of community but large enough to provide the opportunity to play different teams.
Our 2020 season possibly sould begin on Sunday, June 5th and consists of 2 divisions and possibly 8-10 regular season games this year. Usual 14 game season might still be possible with doubleheaders.  Dependent on fields and times.  Our double elimination weekend playoff tournament will be played at Bell Park Ball Diamonds (Bell High School) which guarentees each team at least another 2 playoff games (September 19th & 20th). Division Champions will be crowned Sunday, September 20th.
Registration has started for the 2020 season.  Email us for details about about submitting a team.  We will be responding back to all inquiries.
For more information on registering a team for the 2020 season please contact Chi Siu via: chi_siu@hotmail.ca


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