League Info

Ottawa Coed Softball is a recreational league.  Adults of all ages play every week during our season except holiday weekends which begins the first Sunday of May and continues until the end of September.

How many players are allowed on my roster?
     You are allowed 20 players on your roster (female and male).
Where are the games played at?
     Games are played at either Nepean Sportsplex, Trend Arlington or Dumaurier ball diamonds as well as the at the Bell ball diamonds at Bell High School.
What is the level of play?
     Ottawa Coed Softball is a recreational league.  Team level ranges from "C" level to "F" level with majority of our teams at "E" level.
How many games do we play?
     You play 14 regular season games and a minimum of 2 double-elimination playoff games.  So a minimum of 16 games for each team...more if you make it further in the playoffs.
When is the best time to register a team or inquire about joining a team?
     The best time would be March as our captains meeting is usually scheduled for the first week of April and any players looking to play can be passed out to all the captains still needing a player or two to fill out their rosters.  This applies to teams as well but we can sometimes accommodate more teams up until a week before the regular season begins.
Who do I contact for more information?
      Chi Siu: Chi27@ottawacoedsoftball.com


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