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  Sept 15th, 2018        
  Bell East        
8:30am   Ball Busters    

 Show Us Your Dinger

10:15am  Show Us Your Dinger      Got the Runs  
12:00pm  Capital City Goofballs      Div II Loser of 10:15am East
1:30pm  Div II Winner 10:15am West      Div II Winner 10:55am East
  Bell West        
8:30am  Capital City Goofballs      Master Batters
10:15am  Master Batters
     Taquito Experience
12:00pm  Ball Breakers
     Div II Loser 10:15am West
1:30pm  Div II Winner 12:00am West
     Div II Winner 12:00pm West
  Sept 16th, 2018        
  Bell East        
9:00am Div I #4      Div I #1  
10:30am  Div I 9:00am Winner
     Div I 9:00am Winner
12:00pm  Div I Loser 10:30am Bell East
     Div I Winner 10:30am Bell West
2:00pm  Finals Div I Winner 10:30am   Bell East
     Finals Div I 12:00pm Winner
3:30pm  If Necessary
  Bell West        
9:00am Division I #3      Div I #2
10:30am  Div I 9:00am Loser
     Div I 9:00am Loser
12:00pm  Div II 4:00pm Winner Bell East
     Div II Loser 3:00pm Bell West
1:30pm  Finals Div II 12:00pm Winner
     Finals Div II Winner 4:00pm Bell West
3:00pm  If Necessary        

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