Ottawa Coed Softball Slo-pitch Rules 2020




1.1   The home team shall provide the bases for the game.  The home team shall also provide a new game ball at the start of the game.


1.2   Flight restricted balls MUST be used at all times (league provided Core40).


1.3   At all times, and in particular, for the purposes of making game decisions, team captains or in their absence, the assistant captain or designate shall retain complete authority over their team, including discussion with the umpire or the opposing team captain.


1.4   All games shall consist of seven (7) innings, no mercy rule in effect.  In bad weather a game is considered complete once four (4) innings are played or three and a half (3 ½) if home team is leading.


1.5   Mercy Rule will be in effect.  If a team is winning by 14 or more runs after five (5) innings, the game may be terminated and a win awared to the team with the most runs.  The game could be terminated after the completion of teh top of inning five (5) if home team has 14 or more runs, and can be terminated while in the bottom of inning five (5) as soon as the home team scores 14 or more runs than the visiting team.


1.6   There shall be a maximum of seven (7) runs per inning except in the last inning where both teams can score unlimited runs.


1.7   There is a maximum of one (1) home run per inning allowed.  All subsequent home runs will be deemed an OUT.


1.8   Teams must have a minimum of seven (7) players at all times or shall lose by default.  This must also take into account the female rule. (See rule 1.9)


1.9   In order to field a full complete team of ten (10) players on defense, teams must field at least four (4) women.  Teams may field as many women as they wish on defense, however, if at any time a team fields fewer than four (4) women on defense, one position for each absent female player on the playing field shall remain unoccupied.


1.10   Team which fields less then the minimum of three (3) females shall lose by default.  An automatic out will occur in the result of having less than the minimum of four (4) females in the batting order with a minimum of three (3) females.  Teams MUST bump up the next female batter in the order after taking the auto out.  This is to prevent four (4) male batters in a row.  Female defensive positions MUST be left vacant.


1.11  Late arrivals shall be placed at the end of the batting order.  The insertion of a defensive player cannot take place in the middle of an opposing player’s at bat.


1.12  All players must play in the field at least one (1) inning to be eligible to bat.


1.13  Offensive team batting order must alternate two (2) male and one (1) female minimum.


1.14  Four (4) balls in a row to a female/male batter results in a two (2) base walk and the batter on deck has the option to go to first base or take the at bat.  No walk is awarded if batter is hit by a pitch.


1.15  A foul ball hit with two (2) strikes shall be called strike three (3) which shall result in an OUT.


1.16  Any foul tip caught shall result in the batter being OUT (no height restriction in effect).


1.17  A legal pitch shall have an arc of at least six (6) feet and a maximum height of twelve (12) feet.  A pitch declared to not have enough arc will be declared a ball.  If the batter attempts to swing at the pitch then it shall be declared a legal pitch.


1.18  For the safety of the pitcher, a bater will be called OUT if he/she hits a line drive back and strikes the pitcher.


1.19  No outfielder shall be allowed on the infield until the batter has made contact with the ball.


1.20  No infielder may play inside the base path until the batter has made contact with the ball.  The umpire will give one (1) warning then a base will be awarded.


1.21  Regular Season points are awarded as follows:   Win = 2pts   Loss = 0pts   Tie = 1pt 






2.1   Except as they may be modified by these rules, the NSA Rules will apply to the games of OSC.


2.2   No leading on bases before contact is made by the batter and ball.  Anticipation step will lead to an OUT.


2.3   Sliding to a base is not allowed and will result in an OUT.  This includes sliding headfirst or feet-first.  A runner is only permitted to slide when returning to a base on a popup to avoid a double out or for an over run base.  The base person is not permitted to intentionally obstruct the base runner.


2.4   On a throwing error to a base where the ball remains in the field of play, including foul territory within the fencing of the field, the play shall continue without interruption.  However, if as a result of a throwing error the ball goes out of play, the play will be ruled dead by the umpire and all base runners will automatically advance one base past the base they were on, or that they were running towards, when the ball goes out of play under the discretion of the umpire.


2.5   There shall be no tag at home plate as the player needs only to have his/her foot on home plate to make the out.  If tag is made, runner shall be deemed safe.


2.6   Runner shall not touch home plate while attempting to score.  Runner only needs to cross the home plate line drawn at the beginning of the game by the umpire.


2.7   There shall be a commitment line, located approx. 21 feet (1/3 distance) from home plate to third base.  Once a base runner crosses this line, the runner may not return to third base.  If the runner crosses this line and returns to third base then the runner will be called OUT.  The defensive team MAY NOT tag a runner between this line and home plate.


2.8   Where a player is unable to run due to injury, a replacement or courtesy runner, may run for that player.  The replacement runner must be of the same gender and the last recorded out.  If the last recorded out is too close in the batting order to be the courtesy runner, the next player of the same gender can be selected.  The replacement runner can start from home plate or from first base after the batter has made it safely to first.  A maximum of three (3) courtesy runners per team shall be allowed per game (combined sexes not each).  If the courtesy runner is on base and his/her at bat comes due, it shall be an OUT unless another courtesy runner is available to be inserted.


2.9   The infield fly rule is in effect.  An infield-fly is a fairly batted fly ball (not a line drive) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when first and second , or when first, second, and third bases are occupied with less than two (2) out.  When the batter hits a fair fly ball the umpire must call: “Infield Fly,” if fair, the batter is OUT. The batter is automatically out and the play is dead, whether the ball is caught or not.  Base runners shall remain on, or freely return, to their original base.  This is to avoid an infield player from purposefully missing to engage a double play.



2.10  Advance on a caught fly ball is permitted once the fielder has made contact and the base runner tags up (re-touching the time-of-pitch base).  A tag of the runner is necessary for an out.


2.11  Bunting is not allowed.  No player is allowed to “square up” for a bunt or otherwise intentionally deaden the ball.  Result will be an OUT.


2.12  Metal cleats are not allowed.  Players are permitted to wear rubber cleats.  A player found to be wearing metal cleats will be permitted to change into acceptable footwear in order to continue playing.  If this is not possible, the player will be removed from the batting order and not permitted to play a position in the field for the remainder of the game.


2.13  Distance between the bases MUST be 65 feet unless the infield will not accommodate this distance at which time the umpire will determine.  Pitching distance is 50’-55’ from home plate.


2.14  Safety bases MUST be used at first base and strike zone boards (plywood board) MUST be cut exactly 2’x3’.  Bases MUST always be pegged down.  This is the home team’s responsibility, if they cannot provide they default.


2.15  It is strongly recommended that any type of jewelry not be worn during a game.  If worn, each player is solely responsible for any injury/damage that may be caused by this jewelry.  The umpire may have any player remove any jewelry or equipment that he/she deems dangerous.  The umpires are in control of this part of the game and will advise team Captain’s prior to the game of what is allowed and not allowed.


2.16  ALL teams are recommended to carry a first aid kit with them at all times.


2.17  BLOOD RULE: No player with an open wound can continue to play until the wound has been covered/stopped bleeding (umpire to determine).


2.18  Winning Captains must submit their game scores to the league official before their next game via the league webpage.  If the score is not received you shall not be credited with your points. 


2.19  Be sure that your game sheets are clearly marked with the dates, team’s names and are legible and have an umpire’s signature.  Please keep them in the event of a dispute.


2.20  Playoff Round Robin positions will be decided by your team's season results and the Playoff Elimination Round seeding will be determined by your team's playoff round-robin results.


2.21  Team Rosters – As we follow SPO rules, you may have 20 players on your current roster.  No player may play for/appear on the roster of two (2) teams within the same division in OSC.  Any team caught using non roster player(s) during a game will be forced to default the game in question.  Teams NOT submitting the roster by league due date will default all games played prior to the roster being submitted. Be warned: during playoff games, when a team roster is questioned by the opposing team ID’s can be checked to verify that batting order and roster coincide.


2.22  Pregnancies require a Doctor's certificate/notice to allow participation.





3.1   No violent behaviour of any type shall be tolerated.  Any player intentionally pushing, shoving, hitting or otherwise engaging in non-sportsperson like conduct shall be thrown out of the game by the umpire and is subject to a one (1) game suspension from the league.  The game suspension is to be served during the team’s next game.  No appeals will be accepted.


3.2   Profanity- Any team member openly using profanity during a game shall be ejected from further participation in that game.  This includes the player’s bench as well as the playing field.  Umpires are in control of this rule.


3.3   There will be NO drinking of alcohol beverages on or around the playing fields or bench area at any time.


3.4   There will be NO smoking on the field or bench area.


3.5   NO baseball batsare allowed to be used.  All bats used MUST be ASA approved.  Please review the banned bats list on the league site frequently as a batter shall be ejected from the game and receive a one (1) game suspension if the umpire discovers him/her using an altered or illegal bat after entering the batters box.  If an illegal bat that has been removed from a game by the umpire, resurfaces later in the game; the player caught using that bat will be ejected from the game and receive a one (1) game suspension.  Team captains will also be ejected from the game and receive a one (1) game suspension if a player on his/her team is ejected for the use of an illegal bat.  If OSC receives an incident report or a fine from The Eastern Ontario Umpires Association (EOUA); the fine will be directed to the penalized team and if not paid they will default any future games until payment is made.





4.1   ALL games will begin at the scheduled start time of 5:00pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm sharp unless otherwise scheduled.  The grace period is 10 minutes after which a default will be granted by the umpire.


4.2   If a game needs to be rescheduled, the team must contact the opposing team for their consent but consent is not mandatory.  A notice of 14 days must be given so that the league can make arrangements to reschedule the game.  Should the league not be able to reschedule the game for whatever reason(s), the team originally requesting the change will be assessed the forfeit.


4.3   Game(s) cancelled due to rain shall be decided by 4:00pm on game day by the league.  Information will be available on the RainLine:    If opportunity exists, we will reschedule all rained out games.


4.5   Rain out games will be scored as a tie with each team receiving one (1) point until the game can be replayed.


4.6   A default game will be scored as 7-0 and a rainout game as 0-0 until rescheduled game is played.


4.7   A game is automatically stopped or cancelled in the case of thunder and lightening.


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